When did you make the decision to go into math instead of music?

I have never made, and will never make, any such decision

Mathematics and Music - What is the connection? 

Lecture > 31 August 2021, Science Festival Strömstad Academy Slides

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Strömstad Academy's Scientific Festival 2021

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Jubilee Congress of Polish Mathematicians on the 100th Anniversary of Polish Mathematical Society (2019, Krakow)

Lecture December 2021

Slides >> to Holiday Lecture by Per Enflo
via Zoom - Jani Virtanen (Reading and Helsinki) & Håkan Hedenmalm (KTH and Reading)
Lecture by Per Enflo: An infinite-dimensional version of Hilbert's fifth problem with connections to non-linear geometry of Banach spaces

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Per Enflo - mathematician and pianist - was the last laureate of a prize

for solving a scientific problem from the Scottish Book.

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