Holiday Lecture and Concert

given by Per Enflo

via Zoom at 4pm UK time (6pm Finland)

on Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Rademacher type and Enflo type coincide

Paata Ivanisvili, Ramon van Handel and Alexander Volberg

Annals of Mathematics

Vol. 192, No. 2 (September 2020), pp. 665-678 (14 pages)

Published By: Mathematics Department, Princeton University

THEOREM 2.1.  A left differentiable local group is an analytic local group if and only if (x,y) xy is uniformly continuous in some neighbourhood of the unit element.

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THEOREM 6.3.1.   If a Banach space is uniformly homeomorphic to a Hilbert space, then it is isomorphic to the Hilbert space.

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University of Reading & University of Helsinki
by Per Enflo

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021
in UK four o’clock, in Sweden 17.00, in US, ET 11 am  via Zoom

Organized by Jani A. Virtanen


An infinite-dimensional version of Hilbert's fifth problem with connections to non-linear geometry of Banach spaces


J.S. Bach Italian Concerto, 1st movement

W.A. Mozart Rondo in D major, KV 485

F. Chopin Phantasie in f minor, op. 49

L.v.Beethoven- Moonlight - Sonata quasi una Fantasia, op.27,no.2

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