The documentary film


Banach. Między duchem a materią

Directed by Wieslaw Saniewski

Some years ago I got the honor to participate in a documentary film about the great Polish mathematician STEFAN BANACH, and it all started with an email >>. In doing so, I have tried to communicate to a general audience, some of Banach’s great vision to unite different branches of mathematics under a general ”Theory of linear operations”. This direction of developing mathematics has been enormously successful, and it affects in an essential way all of our society today.

The applications span from construction of buildings, cars, air planes, medical equipment, household machines etc. to weather forecasting, finances, traffic regulations, artificial intelligence and much more. The Polish mathematician Stefan Banach is generally considered one of the most important and influential 20th-century mathematicians. He was the founder of modern functional analysis and the leading member of the famous Lvov School of Mathematics. In this film, well-known Swedish mathematician Per Enflo, explains the significance of Banach’s ideas and their application in modern life.


Winner as best Documentary Film at

  • Hyderabad 5th Indian World Film Festival-21,  BANACH. BETWEEN SPIRIT AND MATTER 

NOMINATIONS and Other Prizes

  • Main program of film festivals in Mumbai and in Pune in India.

  • Rome Prisma Film Award

  • New York Movie Awards BANACH. BETWEEN SPIRIT AND MATTER has been officially selected, eligible for consideration as finalist.

  • Moscow nominated for the main prize pool (screening in the main competition program during the film festival) March 1-5, 2021 in Moscow, Russia >>

  • Florence  Official Finalist Laurel

It all started with an email

Date: 27 februari 2017 01:37:28 CET
RE: Stefan Banach Film

Dear Professor Enflo,
I am aware of your work and eminence in mathematics  Thus, I am contacting you to explore the possibility you may be interested in assisting with a film script that is being written about Stefan Banach.
I am his nephew and had personal contact with him, but only as a child in Poland. However, I have contributed to recent books about him. The present script writer has requested assistance with respect to Banach's mathematics. He would like to include Banach's mathematics presented in a way that would be meaningful to a more general audience.
This would be in addition to covering his quite dramatic personal life.
Any thoughts that you have on this project would be much appreciated. I would be happy to call you to answer any questions you may have about the film.
My wife and I live live in the Chicago area.
Thank you.
Warm regards,
John Greczek Ph.D.

First screening in Sweden (only in Swedish) >>

First screening in Poland

Program of the Jubilee Congress for the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Mathematical Society, Kraków

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