Banach - a documentary film, 2019

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It all started with an email

Date: 27 februari 2017 01:37:28 CET
RE: Stefan Banach Film

Dear Professor Enflo,
I am aware of your work and eminence in mathematics  Thus, I am contacting you to explore the possibility you may be interested in assisting with a film script that is being written about Stefan Banach.
I am his nephew and had personal contact with him, but only as a child in Poland. However, I have contributed to recent books about him. The present script writer has requested assistance with respect to Banach's mathematics. He would like to include Banach's mathematics presented in a way that would be meaningful to a more general audience.
This would be in addition to covering his quite dramatic personal life.
Any thoughts that you have on this project would be much appreciated. I would be happy to call you to answer any questions you may have about the film.
My wife and I live live in the Chicago area.
Thank you.
Warm regards,
John Greczek Ph.D.


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