Per Enflo     Teaching & Advising Mathematics

Photo: KSU Banach Center Archives

I have always been fond of teaching ever since I began to teach in 1963 at Stockholm University.


I have had, over the years, a few thousand undergraduates whom I have introduced to different aspects of math. I also find it stimulating that most of the time my students seem to appreciate my classes, as seen in Rate my Professor.


PhD students

Lars-Erik Andersson

On Connected Subgroups of Banach Spaces - Linköpings Universitet 1972


Bruce Reznick

Banach Spaces Which Satisfy Linear Identities - Stanford University 1976

Alfred Andrew

Perturbations of Schauder Bases in Classical Banach Spaces - Stanford University 1976


Thomas Starbird

Subspaces of L1 Containing L1 (Co-director) - University of California, Berkeley 1976


Timo Ketonen

On Unconditionality in Lp-Spaces - Helsingin Yliopisto 1981


Guang-Gui Ding

Some Problems in Functional Analysis - Uppsala Universitet 1981


Marie Lövblom

Some non-linear mappings in classical Banach spaces - Stockholm University 1987

Jan-Ove Larsson

Studies in the Geometric Theory of Banach Spaces - Uppsala Universitet 1987

Miguel Lacruz

Four Aspects of Modern Analysis - Kent State University (KSU) 1991

Anthony Weston

Some Nonlinear Problems in Functional Analysis - KSU 1993

Angela Spalsbury

Cyclic Vectors and Extremal Vectors of Linear Operators - KSU 1996

Piotr Pawlowski

On the Zeroes of a Polynomial and its Derivatives - KSU 1997

Nilson Bernardes

Some Problems on Iteration Theory and on Polynomials -KSU 1998

Terje Hoim

Some Problems in Operator Theory and the Geometry of Banach Spaces - KSU 2000

Kai Brunkalla

Perturbation of hypercyclic and supercyclic operators - KSU 2001

Lawrence Downey

Some Problems in Linear and Multi-Linear Operator Theory - KSU 2001

Janice Kover

Perturbation of Norm-Attaining Operators (Co-director) - KSU 2001

Tabrina Smith

Operator ranges and porosity - KSU 2008

[open access at Ohio LINK ETD Center]


Aderaw Fenta

Lacunary power sequences and extremal vectors -KSU 2008

[open access at Ohio LINK ETD Center]

Reema Sbeih

Non-linear Maps Between Subsets of Banach Spaces - KSU 2009

[open access at Ohio LINK ETD Center]


Joel Beil

Geometric Properties of Orbits of Integral Operators - KSU 2010

[open access at Ohio LINK ETD Center]

Marco Kiteu

Orbits of operators on Hilbert space and some classes of Banach spaces - KSU 2012

[open access at Ohio LINK ETD Center]